First Post… *Gulp*

My initial plan for this post was for it to be a deep, insightful [most probably] long-winded prose about how I had always loved reading and this provides the opportunity to share my thoughts about the loves of my life and all that trite stuff. A first post has to have the good stuff right?

Buuuttt…after deleting the first paragraph of said planned post for about the 1000th time, I decided to just wing it and go with the flow as it were.

So yeah… Let me just put my jumbled thoughts into bullet points for ease of articulation:

  • I love books. I really really reaaaalllyyy love books. Not like. Not LIKE like. LOVE.
  • I love talking about books.
  • I love meeting other book lovers.
  • I love discussing books.
  • I love smelling Hardcovers, cuddling my Kindle and listening to audiobooks. If it’s a book I want to read, I’m on it like white on rice.
  • My greatest expense after the pesky necessities like bills is books.
  • My first thought in the day is most often than not about the book I’m currently reading/read.
  • One time , I couldn’t find my Kindle and nearly had a breakdown…It was intense. We’ve had a chat[my Kindle and I] and agreed to never to let that happen again. *nervous laughter* Buuutt… I digress.
  • I’ve always wanted to create a blog for my love of books and I finally gotten round to just doing it!
  • So this is the blog and I needed to do a first post before I started to ramble on about books.
  • Feel free to roll your eyes at me now.
  • I guess I’m done here.
  • So done.
  • I really wish someone would hold my hand for me to stop with the bullet points now.
  • No really.
  • Please have mercy!

Whew! I almost didn’t make it out of that.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that this blog is going to be sort of front seat on the ride I go on in the books I read. It most certainly would not be smooth sailing all the way but I hope you would stick with me through it all!

If you stuck through and read the whole post, you are a super star! If you didn’t, Why didn’t you? You go back up right now and fix that! Don’t you also want to be a super star?!

I know I would! *wink*


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