REVIEW: Ethan In Gold by Amy Lane

Ethan in Gold (Johnnies, #3)

Another one in the bag!


This wasn’t nearly as angsty as the first two books in the series but I really liked it as well. Sean Crisden was Awesome as usual and it went down really well.

Jonas and Ethan really worked well together and I liked that Jonas was outside the Johnnies circle and made the effort to be with Ethan as he was which couldn’t have been an easy thing to do.We really get to know more about Ethan’s backstory which was tragic and unfortunate.

The sexy times were hot as usual and the writing was great also. I guess there is so much you can say when books in a series are all on the same great level.

Im not really excited by the next book (John’s) because of what a douche canoe he was to Dex but I guess addiction really messes up with one’s sense of judgement. However, I will read it because I have to know how he makes it out of it!

Call me a sucker for a redemption story… I don’t care…I don’t care…

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