REVIEW: Adoni by Rider Jacobs (ARC)

**eARC Graciously Provided by Publisher In Exchange For An Honest, Unbiased Review**


This was a difficult book to finish.

First, I must admit that I Hadn’t read book 1 but I got a good gist of the world which I found mildly interesting.

With that out of the way, I can’t really say I particularly enjoyed any part of the book/story. Aside from Adoni who was okay, I really didn’t care for or connect with any of the characters. Also,the writing was choppy, the story was a bit convoluted and the POVs were all over the place. I expected a story about Adoni & Navarrah and I know what the author was trying to do by making the world (as it were) bigger and trying to make it more than just the two of them , but it just… didn’t work.There were just too many things going on and most didn’t interest me in the least.

It was a struggle not to give up numerous times and then to my great dismay it just… fell off. Yup! This ended on a cliffhanger. Sigh.

Needless to say I will not be reading the next book. I don’t think I have it me to endure another book like this one.


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