REVIEW: The Painted Throne by Megan Derr (e-ARC)

I really enjoyed The Painted crown.

I must admit that I hadn’t read book 1,The Engineered Throne ,but that really didn’t affect the reading experience as the book could function perfectly as a standalone baring a few prior events which happened in book 1 that were explained over the course of this story.

First off, I loved Istari and the way he kept a great core of goodness despite the truly shitty hand that Life dealt him. He went out of his way to help all those in need and went over and above even that to protect those he cared for. He was a stellar guy and a well written character.

Teverem I couldn’t stand for most of the story. He sulked , whined and blew hot/cold for about 85% of the book ;with Istari apologizing for things he hadn’t even done wrong or wasn’t at fault for. All Istari was trying to do was bloody help him and it irked me to no end the number of times he had to say sorry to that whiner who couldn’t even be gracious about it. I got that Teverem was worried about the kids and all the upheaval but that didn’t excuse his behavior if you ask me. I started warming up to him later in the book but he still annoyed me generally even when his attitude got better. What can I say, first impressions tend to stick with me.

Moving on, I enjoyed the writing, the brisk pacing and the engaging characters[both primary & secondary] . The banter between Istari and his team as well as with Morrin was great and I kept anticipating them. Lol…

However, I found that the book needed a final run through in terms of editing as there were a few typos that needed to be fixed . Since this was an ARC, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the final version or at least I hope it’ll be.

Anywhooo….it was a slooooooow burner with low steam so if you’re looking for loads of sexy times, this isn’t the book for you.

But, if you’re looking for a book about a man who’s had a terrible childhood & an even worse adult life finally find companionship , family and a long-denied happiness, pick this one up. It goes down really well!


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