REVIEW: From The Ashes by Xen Sanders(eARC)

From the Ashes (Fires of Redemption, #1)

This is my second Xen Sanders book and since I loved Shatterproof , I was raring to go when I saw this.

This story/book? It. Was . Intense.

It’s set in a world where we have a subset of people with genes that differentiates them from plain humans. These people are called Aberrants and they have great & sometimes terrible powers. They also tend to have deviant minds, deviant pleasures, are cruel & are always hungry for violence. They have no moral code or ethics. Basically, villains.

I found them to be fascinating.

Tobias, our MC is a brilliant mind who just wants to know why they are the way they are through genetic research . He is always torn between his violent aberrant nature and other contradictory feelings . However he always gives in to the violence since that’s the only way he knows how to behave . He doesn’t know what to do with these contradictory feelings and when he meets Sean, he is further plunged into further confusion as Sean challenges all he previously believed to be true about humans & Aberrants.

Intertwined with Tobias’ self-discovery(as I call it) is action, intrigue, political machinations and everything in between that comes together to make up this brilliantly written book. The pacing was on point, the language poignant,telling & very relevant for this day and age.

To top it all off, when these two met in the sheets? All bets were off. Damn Xen can wriiiiite some steam. To say they were intense would be an understatement. Whooo!!

If you need a different type of M/M to break you into this new year, try this one. I’m sure it’ll be worth it for you as it was for me.

*** eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher In Exchange For An Honest, Fair & Unbiased Review ***

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