REVIEW: Nothing Special V by A.E. Via

Nothing Special V (Nothing Special, #5)

***This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review via the MMRG Don’t Buy My Love Program. ***

This is my fave of the series currently. To be honest, I picked up this series (from the 4th book on a whim and though it was a rocky start with the horrible editing, it became my guilty pleasure because…why not?

As I mentioned, the sequence in which I’ve read this series has been topsy turvy and I made it a point to stay faaaar away from book one because of (view spoiler). Such things rub me the wrong way so I decided against it. Also because I skipped book 1, I really didn’t have an idea about God & Day’s relationship and thought that if they were able to do that, the relationship was superficial. I think I can safely acknowledge that this book changed that view for me once I got their POVs.It felt real and I’m glad they got their HEA.

Now to the “main-ish” MCs of the book;Tech and Steele. I found Tech to be a bit 2 dimensional and not really interesting. He was brilliant, no doubt, but I just really didn’t connect with him and I don’t think any more page time would’ve improved my view of him.Steele, however was a more complex one. I enjoyed him better than Tech.They were okaaay as a couple without any extra special fireworks or sparks. Frankly,I was done with them after the wedding. I just wasn’t interested in reading any more about them.

I got the impression that this was just a filler book. That is, it was just to give readers updates about what was happening with the guys in the series and serve as a nice setup for future books. The writing was good, the steam was not as hot as in the other books but it was good. The pacing was also okay, just that with all the POVs flying around, it was not as fast paced as the other books. I liked that all the guys represented, not from their POVs per se, but from their interactions with God, Day, Tech, Steele and Free who had POVs. In particular,I loved that we got to reacquaint ourselves with the craziness that is Ruxs and Green. That scene with Steele’s neighbors? Pure. Gold. Lol!

There were appearances from the MCs of You Can See Me . MMMs are not my cup of tea but they seemed interesting so I might check it out.

We also got a bonus short story centering around Genesis and Curtis. While I’ve always found their relationship to be sickly sweet, it showed that not all was perfect in paradise.

The person who stole the show in this book in my opinion was Free. I rounded up my rating for this review because of him. He fascinated me. He triggered so many questions like What happened with his dad? What did Tech do for him and his mum? Why is he so traumatized and so within is shell? Will Hart bring him out of it? See,I need answers to these questions like yesterday.

All in all, this was a good addition to the series but ALL I want at this juncture is Free’s book. Make it happen A.E. Via! I’m waiting impatiently for it and when it finally comes,I do hope and pray that the wait was worth it. *fingers crossed*

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