REVIEW: Outside The Lines By Caitlin Ricci(eARC)

Outside the Lines

This was a very short book ,( 75 pages long), but still difficult to finish.

As I was reading because, the references to Trin as “they” & “them” confused me before I came to the realization that they were genderless/agender .

If I’m being honest, I thought this was an MM book when I requested for it but even though it wasn’t, it made me understand certain concepts that I wasn’t really familiar with.

With that said, the writing didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t flow, the pacing was difficult to grasp and the characters were bland. I didn’t care for either Alex or Trin or any other person in the story for that matter. I didn’t believe in their connection and how they ended up seemed extremely rushed and a bit unbelievable ESPECIALLY given the sort of person Trin was. (view spoiler)

Had it not been 75 pages, I would have DNF’d it. I just kept pushing myself to finish because I requested for it and also because I hoped that either a side character would surprise me with some liveliness or a plot twist would improve the tedious reading experience.

Unfortunately , none of that happened.

***eARC Generously Provided By the Publisher In Exchange for An Honest Unbiased Review ***

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