REVIEW: The Boyfriend Makeover by River Jaymes

The Boyfriend Makeover (The Boyfriend Chronicles, #3)This is currently my favorite in this series. Come to think of it,I don’t know whether it’ll will continue or not. I do hope it does, though I don’t know which character it will continue with. Hmmm…

Annnyyywaaayy… I loved this book.

I almost forgot how much I loved Noah and his over the top antics and even more outrageous utterances. This brought it all back. Case in point:

“Because that’s how Noah rolled: Model philanthropist. Giver of good head. Saver of marriages.”

I laughed throughout the book because being in Noah’s head? One hell of a ride.

Another thing I loved was that he was paired with the tough, no nonsense Kyland. He was a perfect match for him.. He gave Noah as good as he got & also gave him a dose of the hard truth that the broken man desperately needed. The chemistry (sexual & otherwise) between them was incredible.

As I mentioned, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for these guys and the rough times added to the overall feel of the story. The writing was good as usual and the other characters from the first 2 books made significant appearances I enjoyed. The ending was great and unexpected while the Epilogue tied everything up very nicely.

I await to see where the series will go but needless to say, I’ll definitely follow wherever it goes. For fans of this series, pick this up. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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