REVIEW: The Black Sheep by K.A.Merikan(eARC)

The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple

This was not my first book by K.A. Merikan so I knew going in that it would not be all sunshine, hearts and flowers but I did NOT expect it to be so brutal , especially for the MCs. Sheesh.

We had Julian, the spoilt-rotten ,selfish , arrogant wastrel and Evan, the desolate, socially inept recluse of a baronet who somehow manage to strike an “alliance” that would benefit both of them.To say these two men initially hated each other would be a gross understatement.

Who could blame them though? They were both verbally & physically abusive to each other.In one instant I think one of them took it too far. He apologized much much later on in the book about it but … You just don’t force stuff like that. Frankly It really reduced my enjoyment level of the story . All was not lost though as I enjoyed reading about their progression from enemies, to friends, to lovers in a period when that sort of relationship was a cause for the death penalty. It fascinated me to no end.

The story was a bit on the lengthy side and tended to drag on and on. The writing was good, the steam level was okay but since “that incident” in the first part of the book, I honestly didn’t enjoy them as much as I usually would. Aside that, there were some pretty good character developments, with the secondary characters being particularly well written.I must say that one of such , Martin, added something special to the book even though he appeared only a handful of times.Were he to have his own book, I’d gladly pick it up.

All in all, this was an okay read from the authors though not the beeest I’ve read from them. I guess my expectations were too high for this and maybe I raised the bar too high up. Maybe. *shrugs*

*** eARC received via Indigo Marketing And Design In Exchange For an Honest, Unbiased Review. ***

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