REVIEW: Tied Up in Knots by Mary Calmes

Tied Up in Knots (Marshals, #3)Another great installment in the series!

Our MCs went through some more relationship struggles in this book . They worked it out obviously, but the journey before they finally regained equilibrium was filled with ups, downs, betrayals, literal horrors and boogeymen(yup you’ve guessed it right. He was one of them).

The feels were stronger here, with more heartfelt pronouncements and generally more loving between them all.The new secondary characters introduced were super interesting(the Vegas Marshals , Josue ,etc) and I feel they all will be popping up in subsequent installments. The steam was okaaay like in the other books but I guess thats classic Mary Calmes ; more story, less steam. This worked out for me as I don’t pick up her books with that in mind.

Also, I’m afraid the books are beginning to feel a bit formulaic. All the past 3 books, this one included, went like this: Action scenes,Ian and Miro going through issues, a couple of cases thrown here & there, a few sexy times, the families of both MCs show up intermittently, POP! goes the weasel(Hartley), they finally solve their issues and a nice well-rounded ending.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve found these books great but I think its time for something new as the series is set to continue. Either something BIG (not related to Dr. Creepstatic CrazyPants Hartley) happens, or we finally get Ian’s POV. Without this, its very likely that I’ll start to get bored and I really really really do not like that feeling.

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