REVIEW: The Back Stagers Vol.1(Act 1)


I wished for this book and when I got it, I literally screamed for joy. I looked sooo good!!

Also, I am so glad my book-ey sense never fails. I absolutely adored this short sample(I think Act 1) of the actual Volume 1 that is yet to be released( I think). I loved the artwork, the storyline and the interactions between the characters.

I also liked that it was very diverse and though in this sample I didnt see anything that suggests LGBTQ relationships, I know it’ll pop up later because the book has an LGBTQ tag here and I am so looking forward to it! Yay for Diverse books!!!

To say I am ready, willing and eager to get my grabby hands on the complete Volume 1 would be a GROSS understatement. I JUST CAN’T WAIT.

*dashes out to stalk the web for more details*


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