REVIEW: Watching and Wanting by Jay Northcote

Watching and Wanting (Housemates Book 4)This series has been a hit and miss for me. I enjoyed the first two books: Helping Hand and Like a Lover . The 3rd: Practice Makes Perfect was a bit lackluster for me and this book followed in the same vein by just being okay.

I didn’t really connect with Jude. He seemed selfish & I didn’t like the way he pressured Shawn into Coming Out (directly & indirectly) and only apologized for it after Shawn came out. Unacceptable. Coming out is a deeply personal decision and I didn’t see why Jude would do that.

I actually felt bad for “Shawn the Twat” who I couldn’t stand from the first 3 books. He went through a sexual identity crisis and had to come to terms with some truths about himself.

What I found most difficult to wrap my head around was how the deeply closeted Shawn, in trying to confirm his sexuality suspicions casually does a live camshow.With Jude. It was unbelievable. I had to suspend reality. Indefinitely.

I hope the next book (if there is) in the series reads more like the first two and less like the last two. That would be much appreciated.


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