REVIEW: Finding Gideon Jerome Dickey (eARC)

Finding GideonThis was a very difficult book to finish.

Let me break the reasons down:

1. Aside the main ARC involving Gideon and Medianoche(Midnight), there were many many many many MANY side characters. All who were described, given backstories, and sometimes had their own POV. This cluttered the story.

2.There were many expressions, most in Spanish, that I had to keep translating or looking up because I didn’t get them. This soured & slowed down my reading experience.

3.The writing was a bit choppy, sometimes repetitive , and didn’t flow as smoothly as it could have. The arrangements of POVs and events also needed some work. It got topsy turvy at times and got one confused till the point of the chapter or event was revealed. It also tended to be overly descriptive of scenes, time, people and places.

With that out of the way, the story was action-packed and even through the overly packed pages, it was nicely paced. The characters were ruthless in all they did, never held anything back and I must say I enjoyed the action immensely. Medianoche was evil-incarnate , with no scruples and no remorse whatsoever.Though Gideon was not a saint, he at least had a code he lived by.

Honestly, I think that the action saved the book for me. Had the action not been as good as it was, I would’ve gotten fed up and DNF’d the book before the 50% mark. by. All the characters were badasses. They might not all have been likeable but they all were badasses.

I think it is worth mentioning that this was not a romance. There wasn’t a scrap of romance anywhere in this. I don’t even know why it was tagged as such. The characters slept with who they wanted to, when they wanted to. They neither had, nor formed any emotional attachments to anyone aside their work groups or families.

Finally, Gideon’s mother deserves a special mention for being the worst friggin mother in this entire universe. After destroying one child’s life, she just went on and casually traumatized two more lives. What a character! Many times while reading, I wanted to reach into the book and punch her in the face. Several times. For long periods. Ugh.

I sense there is more in store for Gideon, his mother, the lady from Uruguay, the arms dealer from London, Arizona and her sister among others.I might pick up that book if it comes out just to see where he ends up.

I just might. I’ve still not decided yet.

*** eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher In Exchange For A Fair, Unbiased Review. ***


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