REVIEW: An Unseen Attraction by K.J. Charles(eARC)

An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities, #1)I really enjoyed this book! It was the first book in a trilogy that, given this beginning, is sure to be an exciting one!

Clem was not your average lodging-house keeper and Rowley not your average lodger & Preserver. These two struck up a friendship which led to mutual attraction and finally intimate relations. To say Clem couldn’t take a hint would be an understatement. But this had less to do with him being obtuse and more to do with who he was as a person. He was often misunderstood by many people but Rowley always got him and that made their relationship that more genuine feeling. There wasn’t a lot of steam in this book but if you’ve read any K.J.Charles, you’d know not to expect such. This didn’t take anything from the story whatsoever in my opinion.

Aside the relationship angle of the book was the broader murder/mystery/intrigue aspect. It was properly done with not even a clue as to what was going on or the why of it till late in the book. I don’t want to spoil the book with any hints but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it helped that the writing was great to boot.

The book ended with a HFN and also a bit abruptly if you ask me. I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger because Clem and Rowley’s story was essentially done but the wider story arc of the intrigue wasn’t wrapped up.

With the book ending in “ To be continued… ” , I know that it would definitely continue in An Unnatural Vice which I will be picking up as soon as it becomes available . 🙂

***eARC provided By The Publisher For A Fair , Honest and Unbiased Review***


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