REVIEW: Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander

I think the coast is clear…
Moving right along!

Texas Pride was an okay book. The blurb looked really good and I was excited for this buddy read as most of my favourite people on GR , [my TPAM lovelies ] were going to be reading this alongside with me.

It started out well, staled a bit and then the MCs began rubbing me up the wrong way. We got a bit of drama in the last 15% of the book due to Austin’s incredible carelessness! I figured the issue might pop up but I wouldn’t have thought he would be silly enough to forget about such things. Also,I guess Kitt really did love him because I would’ve made him grovel more than he did.

My issues with the MCs:

Kitt, I got it, I really did get it about being in the closet and needing to stay there BUT that I don’t think it excused him from acting like a jackass [when it came to Austin& their mutual connection] for most of the book & only magically coming to his senses after he thought Austin had moved on. He needed a serious attitude adjustment in my opinion.

Austin was equal parts overly understanding, pushy and borderline annoying. He claimed to understand why Kitt needed to stay in the closet but kept on doing stuff that put them at risk of being caught. I just didn’t get it.

Some reviews shelved this as “hot hot hot” and the like but I must read a lot of dirty stuff (and I do!! *wink wink*) because this didn’t even blip on my heat scale. Must be mainly because of my indifference to the MCs or the writing but it was just okaaaay.

This was my first Kindle Alexander and I found the writing okay. The characters were cool, some more than others, and the pacing okay as well. Some things made me roll my eyes but I didn’t get any feelings of DNF’ing the book so I guess that was a plus.

I must have used the word “okay” about 10,000 times in this review but that’s just what this book was for me: okay. 🙂


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