REVIEW: Faking It by Riley Hart& Devon McCormack(Metropolis #1)

Faking It (Metropolis, #1)Whooooo was this a HOT one!!!

I went into this book expecting an average book with everything being average but I loved this!

It was funny, HOT(the chemistry between the MCs was off the charts) , heartwarming and the banter was great. The writing flowed, the secondary characters kicked butt(I loved Derek&Hayden) and did I mention it was HOT?! Win!

There was a bit of repetitiveness going on getting to the end and the drama at the end between the MCs could’ve been fixed sooner but it somehow worked with the whole feel of the story.

I’m guessing this is the beginning of a new series by Riley Hart(who I’ve read before) & Devon McCormack( who I haven’t read before but will be checking out pronto!) and with how this duo worked SO well together, I’m DEFINITELY picking up the next in the series! 🙂

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