REVIEW: Blood & Thunder by Charlie Cochet(THIRDS #2)

Blood & Thunder (THIRDS, #2)I enjoyed this as much as book 1! It’s was funny, action-packed and didn’t skimp on the emotional aspect. It was an exciting experience reading this because you just didn’t know when the next threat was going to pop out of the woodwork and mess things up. It takes a good writer to keep that momentum going and I must say this author has got the formula down to perfection.

Ash still remains an insufferable ass though I can tell it’s a front he keeps up. To cover what I don’t know but he has a book down the line so I’m sure we’ll get to know.

Nothing went wrong here so I can’t really talk much without going on and on.

Bottom line, it was a great reading experience and I’m going on to the next one to see what lies ahead for our Destructive Delta’s!


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