REVIEW: Rack & Ruin by Charlie Cochet(THIRDS #3)

Rack & Ruin (THIRDS, #3)Three books in and unlike other series where the story would’ve been tapering off or becoming boring, this seems to be getting better and better.

I’m sure we all know I adore Dex[I wish he were real so I’d make him a friend by], Sloane and the rest of Destructive Delta. Yes even Ash gets a like from me because with what he’s going through with Cael, he needs it.

This was action-packed, funny, fun, intriguing and chocked full with feels and THAT ENDING!! I just can’t get enough of this series.

Initially, I got the first 3 books to see if the series was worth investing in and with the way this book went. I can now confidently get the other books in the series.

My card better look the other way because ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!


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