REVIEW: Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet(THIRDS #4)

Rise & Fall (THIRDS, #4)The last 30% of this book totally redeemed it for me(The last 3 pages were pure comedic gold!!) LOL! I swear these guys are crazy.

From my updates, I’m sure you could tell that I was less than impressed with Dex’s reckless and plain silly behavior for the first 70% of the book. We got to observe that it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine with him. He had a darker side and though I truly got where he was coming from, his actions were unjustifiable. He redeemed himself but reading it made me want to throw my Kindle and we all know how it’s an extension of my

We got updates on the other 2 “couples” in the team and for now all is looking well for them.

The next book is Ash and Cael’s book I believe and though I want to see how they work things out, Cael behaves like a child sometimes(while insisting he’s not *eyeroll*) and Ash doesn’t seem to want to let go of the past. Things will definitely not be easy for them!


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