REVIEW: Against The Grain by Charlie Cochet (THIRDS #5)

Against the Grain (THIRDS, #5)Some parts of this were very great and some not so great.

The great:
*The action and intrigue of the mystery surrounding Dr Schultzon. I didnt see any of that coming!
*Sparks and her badassery! [that bow anyone? Ugh! ^_^]
*The comedic genius of Dex and Sloane.
*The writing which frankly saved the book even though the story had some issues.

The not so great:
*The longwinded way Ash came round to finally settling with Cael. It could’ve been handled much earlier in the book imo.
*Cael behaving like a child and throwing tantrums all over. [Not the tantrums over Ash though; those were warranted. The others? Not so much]
*The way Dex and Sloane who were technically supposed to be side characters stole the spotlight whenever they were on page. I luuurve me some Dex and Sloane but it just showed how weak the romance between Ash and Cael was.
I mean you could see they cared about each other but to believe they were in love with each other? There was a bit more telling than showing for me there.

Even with the issues I had above, I still managed to enjoy the story with its various twists and turns. The romance aspect needed a lot more work as I said, but the general storyline remained as solid as ever so I’m counting it as a win!

Calvin and Hobbs are next! Here is to the romance being better in their book! 🙂

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