REVIEW: Be True by Stella Starling

Be True (At Last, The Beloved Series, #1)This had one of my biggest pet peeves in books: Agnst because the MCs just wouldn’t communicate. Not couldn’t (that’s okay) but WOULD NOT.

They both tip toed around themselves till the end when Logan did a frankly unnecessary thing to win Trevor back. I know he’s a billionaire and all but that was stupid. It didn’t make sense and all in the hopes that someone MIGHT love you back? *eyeroll*

Also, if they had just talked about it, this book would’ve been 50% shorter. But because they didn’t, I had to plough through page upon page of the old “No I don’t believe in love but I’m feeling his guy and IF ONLY he felt the same , it’d be perfect” in different shapes and sizes, while not saying a damn thing! Ugh.

I almost DNF’d it a couple of times but sheeeer will has brought me thus far.

I’m going to go to the next book in the series because at least one book MUST be good in the series right? Right?! *nervous laughter*


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