REVIEW: False Start by Alison Hendricks(EastShore Tigers #2)

False Start (Eastshore Tigers, #2)Re-read 3rd-4th March 2017

Still GOOD!!

Also I think I understood Dante better on this re-read!

Another great installment to the series!

I loved this as much as I loved the first book. Albeit for different reasons as the 2 stories differ completely from each other. There is no “formula” running through the books(at least with the two books out) like you may find with other series .

I really liked both MCs though they butted heads quite a lot throughout the story. But hey! What do you expect from two people from vastly different backgrounds? Definitely some rough moments. It can not all be smooth sailing. That’d be unrealistic.

I expected the misunderstandings, the book delivered, and I was all the more glad for them.

I loved the way the story rounded up. I believe in doing what you love, and not doing something just for the sake of money(that is, if you have the chance to do so).

Money can not and does not buy happiness. And that is the truth of Life. 🙂


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