REVIEW: When Forever Ended by Cara Dee(Camassia Cove #2)

When Forever Ended  (Camassia Cove, #2)The fact that I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars despite it having an act of cheating[which I absolutely detest] should tell you how great this was.

Usually, from the point the act of cheating occurs, I get ready to start scoring the book over 2.5 Stars. However, the way it was handled in this was classy. There was no trying to justify it or make light of it. There was a complete stop to it, a confession, dialogue and then healing started to happen. I loved it.

Also,this was not a hearts and flowers romance, it was a very well written story about the realities of depression. It wasn’t sugar-coated and there wasn’t a magic dingdong that automatically cured it.It showed a constant day to day battle against the condition and it made the story feel more authentic.

I loved the writing and the fact that there wasn’t any manufactured family drama. The children weren’t obnoxious(I adored Brady!) and the pace was very engaging.These men were perfect for each other despite being less than perfect themselves. Their connection was very tangible and had an innate sweetness that was endearing without being cheesy.

This was my favourite quote from Brady[this was him talking to his Dad after walking on him and Kelly]:

“…I’m seeing you in a new light. William Calvert-back-scratcher and choke-holder extraordinaire.” LOOOOL!

There were only three full steamy scenes but they more than made up for the whole story. Whoooo! Those men had duuurrrttyy mouths on them and Lord knows how I love me some d-talkers!

Word has it that there are more books to come in the series and I just can’t wait!!

After all as the author put it “In Camassia Cove,everyone has a story to share” and I think she’s going to hit it out the park with the subsequent books!


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