REVIEW:Business As Usual by Alison Hendricks

Business as UsualWhen Fabi reviewed this book and loved it, I just KNEW I had to check it out because most of the time we’re either on the same page or have very similar views when it comes to books. Even when we’re not, I really enjoy her thoughts in her reviews.

Initially, I thought it was a new-to-me author but then I realized that she wrote the East Shore Tigers series which I’ve loved so far so I said, “This must be fate” .

With these two things going for it, I was sure this would be a great book and I wasn’t wrong. Everything went well for it. The writing, the pacing, the corporate intrigue, secondary characters, the steam, EVERYTHING.

Speaking of steam, this was much hotter than the East Shore Tigers series . I’m guessing because it was NA and this was full adult? Well regardless of the reason I enjoyed the hell out of it!!

Next steps for me are to find as many books by this author as possible and read ALL of them! And to top it all off, her work is free on KU ! Win!!


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