REVIEW: Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Gambling MenI thought this book would NEVER end. My GOD.

This book is an example of why too much of everything is very very bad.

It had too much sex(I KNOW!!), too much “Poker is Life”, too much “He smiled his shark smile”, too much “where ever he leads I will follow even though he is an asshole”, too much “He gives me scraps of attention but he is Jase so I am content”. In my mind, I was done after 40% but I promised myself not to DNF any book this year so I just had to finish.

[Please bear in mind that all those statements in ” ” are me paraphrasing things that annoyed me in the book.]

I actually liked Quentin a bit but the way he allowed emotionally stunted Jason to manipulate him was just annoying. Jase was not a nice person. Quentin just kept prodding and prodding and prodding Jase all throughout.It was exhausting to read about.

Usually I love anything Amy Lane, but I’m sure this was before she got her groove on because this was just… too much. Too too much.


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