REVIEW: Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford (Cole McGinnis #1)

Dirty Kiss (Cole McGinnis, #1)This book gave me mixed feelings.

On one hand I loved the action, investigation and murder plot with Cole not backing down no matter how many times he was put down. I also loved the writing and pacing of the story.

But on the other hand when it came down to their relationship(if I can even call it that), I didn’t believe it. Sure, they were attracted to each other but the “deeper” feelings they were hinting at weren’t realistic to me considering the only talking or connecting they did was in bed and nothing outside that. Also, Jae lied a lot without apologizing , Cole got pissed then always magically calmed down because Jae blew him away with his beauty. Always.Come On!

Despite all the above,from friend’s reviews book 2 is better than this one so let’s see how that goes shall we?


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