REVIEW: Dirty Secret by Rhys Ford (Cole McGinnis #2)

Dirty Secret (Cole McGinnis, #2)This read much better than the first one.

In terms of knowing the people Jae and Cole were, this was a vast improvement from book 1. Jae showed more heart and support to Cole and I began to see what Cole sees in him though I admittedly still don’t see the full picture when it comes to their relationship.

The investigations aspect was good as usual(with many people dying) and even with the plethora of secondary characters, managed to be engaging.

Family-wise, Cole’s dad and mum were disturbing to read about. The thought that parents would behave that way towards children they raised is sickening. I know it’s a reality that many people have faced but anytime I read of such people, the hate just astounds me. I hope they find terrible ends.

I know Jae’s mum also has those thoughts and somehow I think she’s worse because she doesn’t just come out and say it but rather keeps using her own son. Despicable. Ugh.

Anywhoo! This ended on a soft cliffy and I’m off to book 3.

To be quite honest, the next book is the last chance I’m giving this series to wow me. If it doesn’t get waaaay better or if there is no significant progress in Jae and Cole’s relationship, I’ll stop reading the series. 🙂


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