REVIEW: Tell Me It’s Real by T.J. Klune ( At First Sight #1)

Tell Me It's Real (At First Sight, #1)I LOVED THE CRAP OUT OF THIS!

I had read reviews prior to beginning this that said the story was funny but I thought it’d be along the lines of The Lightning-Struck Heart which was funny but WAY over the top[read:outrageous] lol.

This? This was good funny. This was “funny funny”. I loved it.

Paul had zero verbal filter, none at all.I just loved being in his head and reading the way he went off tangent in conversations. It made me burst out in laughter many times. I also loved his banter with Sandy, his parents, grandmother and that parrot that deserves to be sold.

Vince was also a solid character I enjoyed reading about . I liked his tenacity in pursuing Paul and sticking by him even when he was being pushed away constantly. He saw through Paul’s defenses to the core of him and I admired that about him.

This was a T.J Klune so the writing was on point as usual, especially during the heart-to-heart moments in the story. At those points,you could really see the talented writer that he is shinning through.

Even though there was only one sexy time detailed in the book, it didn’t hurt that Vince had a dirty mouth on him. It made it all worth it. 😉

Next book is about Sandy and Darren!!! Bring on Helena Handbasket!!!


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