REVIEW: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane [Promises #1]

Keeping Promise Rock (Promises, #1)This book. THIS book. THIS BOOK!!

This book was awesome. It started kicking me in the feels from the first chapter ALL the way to the last and I adored it.

I don’t even know where to begin with this review. It was just that good.

Carrick and Dean had a love for the ages.Let me just say after what Dean went through for Carrick (which was because of Carrick’s stupid ass impulsive behavior), I can confidently put him in my top 3 fave MCs I’ve ever read about.

I can not possibly continue with this without gushing but I will limit myself to 3 bullet points:
*Amy Lane is a crazy talented evil genius of a writer
*I loved all the secondary characters and all the intertwining storylines AND
*OMG I just found out that this is book 1 of a series!! I am getting ALL OF THE REST!!!

If you can endure the angstopia that this wonderful story was immersed in, go ahead and read this!(or listen to it as I did-Sean Crisden was fantastic) It’ll be worth it. 😉

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