REVIEW: Making Promises by Amy Lane [Promises #2]

Making Promises (Promises, #2)Another great addition to this wonderful series!

This wasn’t as “out of this world” as Keeping Promise Rock but it still went STRAIGHT into the feels and stayed there for the duration of the story.

Shane was an angel. He was an imperfect man with a heart of gold but still an angel nonetheless. Miky on the other hand was as prickly, bitchy and temperamental as they came because of his terrible past. Listening(audio book here) to the progression of their relationship was just a joy. Shane wanted Miky forever while Miky was too terrified that anyone that good could care for him that much, talk less of loving him.

There were some things that I wouldn’t have put up with were I Shane, but he handled Miky expertly and with infinite love and patience. This just went further to show that these men were meant to be together. Miky for his part changed for the better( not a 100% personality change as that would be unrealistic , but he definitely improved and I even came to care for that short prickly Russian lol)

Also, the way the family (Deacon,Crick,Amy,etc.) came together each time one of them needed help was just wonderful.

I think Jeff’s book is next? I still haven’t warmed up to him as at yet so I’m on the fence about his book but might just pick it up just to see if I can warm up to him. Who knows? I might just be pleasantly surprised. 🙂


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