REVIEW: Working It by Riley Hart

Working It (Metropolis Book 2)Like the first installment in the series, I really enjoyed this book.

It wasn’t as emotional as the first but I still enjoyed reading about the progression of Cody and Hayden’s friendship into something more.Cody was just something special. I believe everyone needs a Cody (i.e. someone who will care for you regardless of what life throws). It didn’t hurt that he was hot as hell and knew how to work it in the bedroom as well. *wink wink*

Hayden was okay I guess. I just didn’t get his hang ups with his ex which irked me to no end.(view spoiler). Though he got better as the story progressed, that was one niggle I had stayed with .

The niggle wasn’t enough to sour the book for me though.I liked the writing , the secondary characters and the pacing of the book. It all came together pretty well.

I really really hope the next book is about Derek!!! He deserves an HEA. (view spoiler)


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