REVIEW: Eternity In An Hour by Matthew Merendo

Eternity in an Hour (Eternity #1)One thing this book had going for it was world building.

Matthew Morendo’s take on magic or in this case “quell” was fascinating to read about. We got insights into the various islands in Coquells and the distinct quells they represented or that manifested strongly on them[be it earth, air, fire, etc.]. The descriptions were intriguing and I found myself wanting the story to keep moving though the various islands so that I could read more about the wonders to be found on them. I really enjoyed this aspect.

Unfortunately, that was one of the few things that what worked for me here. The main characters were a bit one dimensional and in the case of Rami down right unlikable. I didn’t see what Tristys saw in him besides his rocking body and good looks. Rami was childish, rude, aloof, indecisive and hurtful especially when things weren’t going his way. His attitude for most of the book was terrible and annoying to read about. I wanted someone to smack some sense into him.

Tristys was okay. I didn’t mind reading about him but I didn’t really connect with him either. He was confusing. One moment he was reasonable, the next he was reckless, other times he was untruthful and the shifts went on and on and on. I just didn’t get him sadly.

Now the secondary characters I really enjoyed. I liked Calyssa although she did a 180 in attitude towards the end and another 180 to get back to the attitude I enjoyed in her. Salice, Gawen and even Terrian were vastly more interesting to read about than our MCs and think I that’s pretty telling.

Moving on, things were going as expected when an event threw a wretch into things. Many things confused me at that point and frankly didn’t add up. The most glaring was that (view spoiler)

After that, the story left the fairly enjoyable to the downright unbelievable. I didn’t understand half of the motives behind their actions from that point and why they were all ignoring Calyssa who was the sensible one.

In the end , as expected, they were successful but the path to that success belied most of the parameters for quell-work or magic that had been set through the book.

I think this might be the first book in a series but given the way things went in this one, I might hesitate to pick the next one up. However, if the next book is to be about anyone but these two MCs, I just MIGHT be tempted to read it. Might.

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