REVIEW: An Unnatural Vice by K.J. Charles

An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities, #2)This was awesome .

It began sometime around the middle part of Book 1: An Unseen Attraction , sort of run concurrently with it for a while, then continued after it ended. Nat was introduced in An Unseen Attraction and we got to know Justin in this one.

On the surface , Justin was a brilliant , unrepentant swindler who was callous to boot. He pretty much hated the world and felt no remorse for any of his actions. He was also very prickly and quite frankly a bit broken but the thing I liked most was the fact that he didn’t miraculously change his whole attitude overnight for love when it found him.

This was because he had very valid reasons for turning out the way he did and as such, the internal struggle he experienced was very real . He went though a lot before accepting the fact that he didn’t need to be alone all the time and truly did not need to hate the world.

Initially, Nat was judgy and self righteous as hell. This I think happened because he hadn’t been exposed to life’s harshness and Justin posed a challenge to everything he stood for. Justin was the “darkness” to his “light” as he saw it and Nat made it a point to try and fix all the “darkness ” in the world around him. What he rather ended up doing was falling for the man behind the callous fraudster facade.

These two DETESTED one another on sight and on sheer principle. However, it was also very clear that despite all hate, they wanted each other intensely . This made for a veeeeeery nicely done first time together in the sheets (view spoiler)

Intrigue , mystery and machinations from the previous book bled into this one and made for a very exciting read. Needless to say, one would be well advised to have read An Unseen Attraction before this as the reveals hit you harder if you start from the beginning .

I cant go on without mentioning that I thoroughly enjoyed the spiritualist angle in the first part of the story and could tell that the author had done very extensive research on the spiritualists movements during that time period. It’s one thing I adore about K.J. Charles and what keeps her among my favourites; you see the fruits of the work she puts into her books AND she always gets the writing down pat. It was wonderful as always.

Overall, the story centering around the MCs had a nice good ending (just like in An Unseen Attraction ]), but the overarching murder- mystery-inheritance plot for the series was left purposely hanging to be finished in the final book in the Trilogy: An Unsuitable Heir which is Mark’s book. I am sooooo excited for it!

Trust me, if you read how the setup for Mark’s book was done & how the other MC[i don’t want to spoil it] was introduced, you would GET why I’m this hyped!

O My fair October(release month)! How far away thou Art! I needeth you NOW!

*eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher For A Truthful, Fair and Unbiased Review *


Review to come on release day!!

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