REVIEW: A Gentleman’s Position[Society of Gentlemen #3] by K.J. Charles

A Gentleman's Position (Society of Gentlemen, #3)

Re-read 06-06-2017

The review below STILL holds.

K.J. Charles is STILL a favorite author and I am STILL a loyal fan girl!!
K.J Charles has just cemented her position on the list of my favourite authors with this book/series! What a book! What an outstanding series!

This was the final book in the series[wails] and let me just say it was the best of the lot.Seeing as the other 2 books were fantastic, that should tell you how good this was.

This was about Lord Richard Vane & David his valet, their mutual attraction and the issues that that attraction brought up[all from Richard’s end if I might add]. This, coupled with the silly mistake that the lovable dumdum Ash made,brought a whole lot of trouble for the Ricardians. Thus , the scene was set for the EPIC finale to the series.

I LOVED how Richard was FINALLY made to get off his high horse and face some hard facts. I absolutely adored David . He was such an evil genius & a red headed bastard indeed!

The way the story unfolded was gripping and the end which played out for that despicable bully Lord Mal-whatshisface was out of this world! I had a stupid grin on my face for the last 10% of the book. Absolute perfection.

I can’t say more because I’ll just end up gushing for the rest of the 18,664 characters left to reach the limit for this review. Lol…

That said, I’m going to hunt down and read EVERY SINGLE ONE of K.J Charles’ books.

What can I say? I’m officially her fan girl.

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