REVIEW: Breakaway [Scoring Chances #1] by Avon Gale

Breakaway (Scoring Chances, #1)

3.5 Stars for this re-read! 27-June-2017

Loved it! I almost forgot how RIDICULOUS Lane could be. Lol! On to the next!

I’ll admit that I only read this book because I mistakenly 1-clicked it when I was looking for another book in the Kindle book store(don’t ask me how… Im still wondering how it ) *face palm*

So! Moving forward! I said to myself “It’s already here, let’s just read it !” And I’m glad I did…

It was an uncomplicated story about growth, letting go of the past and self-discovery. It was a bit low on the steam side but in my opinion more than made up for it content-wise. The book had absolutely no angst as well which I thought was refreshing ( it wouldn’t have worked well in the story in my opinion anyway so I was glad it had none)

I really enjoyed reading about the connection between Lane and Jared.Jared was your all round nice guy with some issues in his past and Lane was…. Lane. I think he is one of the most socially awkward, no-filter-having & exasperating characters I’ve ever read about. Half of the things that came out of his mouth made me cringe but I found his utterances and antics to be endearing because it all came from a good and mostly oblivious heart & were totally without any malice…

The secondary characters were okay I think. I would’ve honestly loved a bit more depth to them. There was some measure of humor in there , mostly from Lane’s antics and Jared’s responses to them… I liked those scenes.

This was all in all a good read for me and I will definitely be (deliberately) checking out the next book in the series because I’m curious about how Ethan and Riley will hook up…

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