REVIEW: Coach’s Challenge [Scoring Chances #5] by Avon Gale

Coach's Challenge (Scoring Chances #5)These two men were crazy. Lol!

They were crazy funny, crazy horny(couldn’t keep it in their pants) and most importantly, crazy about each other.

This was the funniest book in the series so far with the banter being at a 100% from beginning to end. I loved every single thing about it. Troy was refreshingly focused, intense and unafraid to speak his mind and Shane gave as good as he got;both literally and figuratively if you catch my drift.*cough cough*

Theirs was a relationship unlike any other. I mean one got worried when the other wouldn’t give a scathing enough response in their never-ending war of words so you can imagine. It was a joy to read about and to witness how they transitioned from the physical to the emotional aspect of their relationship. Though if you ask me, it wouldn’t have hurt for more emotions but that’s just me being me.

The only reason it got a 4-star rating was because I could see (view spoiler) coming from a mile away. Unfortunately that wasn’t really original but it also didn’t really take away much from the book.

I do hope Xavier’s book is next and though River has a man now I am totally shipping both of them to end up together. It would also be a nice F*#k you to Xavier’s hypocritical family!

Pleeeaaasee make it happen Avon!!!

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