REVIEW: Empty Net [Scoring Chances #4] by Avon Gale

Empty Net (Scoring Chances Book 4)Re-read 29-June-2017

What was I thinking giving this 3.5 Stars?! This is definitely a 4+ stars book[ Rounded up because I STILL love all things Isaac Drake!]. Damn my moods and what they bring to me appreciating books!

I absolutely loved it more the second time round!

I did say review to come after my first read and it never did so here goes nothing:

What Laurent went through at the hand of his truly despicable father was horrible. It’s no wonder that Laurent turned out the way he did. Case in point, how can anyone make their son stand in front of a mirror and make him call himself worthless for an hour? How?

I wanted to strangle that excuse of a human being with my bare hands. I really did. Laurent was saddled with self-hatred so strong that it’s a wonder he lasted as long as he did before meeting Isaac Drake.

He was an angel. He wasn’t perfect in the least but not everyone would’ve put their own hurt aside and looked beneath the sneering exterior that Laurent had to see the wounded and hurting person lurking there, but Drake did. He did and gradually pulled him out and made him a better person for it.

It wasn’t an easy road but that’s what made for a great book, Avon Gale showed the realistic way that could occur and showed that sometimes you don’t get 100% cured of emotional & physical abuse just because you now have someone to love and appreciate you and not hit you anymore. It takes time, effort and lots and lots of patience.

Annnnd Thats that!! Of to the next one!


3.5 stars!! [rounded up because of my love of all things Isaac Drake!]

I enjoyed this book immensely! Review to come!! 🙂

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