REVIEW: Fight The Tide by Keira Andrews

Fight the Tide (Kick at the Darkness #2)This would’ve been much better if Parker had just admitted he wasn’t okay, spoken about his issues and worked it out with Adam. Instead, he was all over the place emotionally. One moment he was the Parker I liked in book 1-funny, kind and headstrong- other times he was abrasive, rude, argumentative, and stubborn for no apparent reasons but those in his head. I get that he went through some insanely traumatic experiences but that didn’t excuse some of his behavior. His thought processes were repetitive and made the book drag a bit for me.

Adam was much better , and the addition of the new arrivals added a breath of fresh air to the Adam and Parker show. I read the (view spoiler) scene with a mixture of morbid fascination and something akin to fear. 😂 It was awesome. But beware the faint of heart!

I really do hope the next book will be better because this was okay but just didn’t do IT for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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