REVIEW: Good Boy[WAGS #1] by Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen

Good Boy (WAGs, #1)

I had a stupid grin on my face at end of this. That should tell you how well it went. 😁

Cheezus! I absolutely adored Blake and loved Jess. Blake was goofy, funny, adorable, irritating, and just an all round darling .Jess gave as good as she got. Yes, she had some moments of insecurities and all that but come on who doesn’t?

The writing was solid and the sexy times were crazy good. I adored the other WAGs and loved that they were super friendly and not bitchy as I would’ve thought.This is I think the first MF I’ve read this year and It went down so well. It had none of the usual things that irk me about MF and I was grateful for it.

I also got to re-visit my babies Wes and Jamie which was a plus and laughed my way all through the book. Mama Riley is my spirit animal! GET THEM BLAKEY! *giggles*

I look forward to Ericksson’s book next when it comes out on the 20th and should it be even half as good as this book was, I bet I’ll be in for a very good ride.

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