REVIEW: On Point [Out of Uniform #3] by Annabeth Albert

On Point (Out of Uniform #3) 3.75 Stars!

Welcome to the Ben and Maddox Show: where Ben almost let his abandonment issues and a whole lot of irrational fear let him almost lose the best damn thing to happen in his cynical, grumpy-ass life!

No for real though, Ben’s stubborn attitude made my head ache. Fortunately, he got his ass in gear. Maddox was a great guy and someone I actually related to very closely despite me being neither a SEAL or a badass marksman. Shocking right? lol

As an aside: I think my dearie Fabi’s assertion is true that this author always has one MC you like and another that you more or less want to throttle (at least that has been the case for this particular series). Here is to wishing that changes in the next book!

Regardless of that,I enjoyed this immensely and I think Dustin’s book is next? Should be another good one.

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