REVIEW: Power Play [Scoring Chances #3] by Avon Gale

Power Play (Scoring Chances #3)Re-read 29-June-2017

4.5 Stars! (previously 4/5 stars)
Bumping this up because I somehow managed to forget how much I loved both of these men!

This is definitely my favourite in the series so far…and what an exciting one its turning out to be!!

There was more humor and a smidge more heat in this one[trust me I was more than glad for it, though more still won’t hurt Avon Gale!! ;)].

Max was so so funny ,positive and was just an all-round ray of sunshine. He counter-balanced the stoic and moody Misha perfectly. There was like 30 seconds of angst in this one (if I can even call it that since it was over by the end of the next paragraph).

Power Play was also more multidimensional than the first 2 books in the series because other stuff were happening aside the relationship between the 2 MCs and this contributed to making the story richer in my opinion. Also I believe the MCs, especially Misha, were better written in this one.

I read an excerpt from the next book in the series and OMG. it features a character I found so abhorrent in this book (view spoiler) that I’m chomping at the bit as to how the author will manage to turn him into a tolerable person, not to mention someone you’ll end up rooting for in the end… I.CAN. NOT. WAIT. *jumps up and down in glee*

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