REVIEW: Saint[Boston Underworld #4] by A. Zavarelli

Saint (Boston Underworld, #4)I need to pat myself on the back for finishing this because it did NOT go down well for me.

I absolutely disliked Scarlett with every part of my being. What a character. I got her motives for her actions and felt really sorry for her but I don’t think that gave her the license to treat people so horribly. She rubbed me the wrong way from beginning to end and in my opinion didn’t deserve Rory. Not in the least.

Speaking of Rory, I cannot fathom how someone can stand such a person. I just didn’t get it. Aside from her looks, there was NOTHING to like about Scarlett and I kept asking myself why he kept going back to her again and again and again after ALL she did to him. Smh.

Needless to say, they soured the story for me and I almost DNf’d quite a number of times. I really do hope the next book goes much better whenever it comes out because this was just disappointing.

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