REVIEW: Save of the Game [Scoring Chances #2] by Avon Gale

Save of the Game (Scoring Chances #2)Re-read 28-June 2017

Enjoyed this as much as the first read!

3.5 /5 Stars!

This book was much better than the first one for me.

Ethan and Riley were funny together (especially in the beginning of their relationship when they were so clueless )

From meeting him in book 1, I expected Riley to be a stoner/ a boring guy from how he was portrayed but he turned out to be very driven. Ethan , the team enforcer and troublemaker turned out to be a social crusader/tough guy with a heart of Gold. Loved them!

Of course, both guys weren’t perfect [not with Ethan and his daddy issues and Riley and his money/family issues ] but they figured out to handle these issues and stay together. Yup, this one was another angst-less read. I’m really getting a knack for those. 😉

Although this was also another low steam book,the sex scenes were very well written. In my opinion, more explicit scenes would’ve been more than welcome and would’ve worked especially well with this kinky couple. I mean, who doesn’t like a little smut once in a while? Come on!

I will be picking up the 3rd book in the series and hopefully that one will have more steam….*fingers crossed*

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