REVIEW: Take [Temptation Series #2] by Ella Frank

Take (Temptation, #2)

Re-read 16 June 2017

ALL my thoughts still remain the same! Hot damn!


This is me after reading this scorching book…

This book was too hot to handle… Two hot dirty talking hunks? My God…

Aside from the steam though was a story about 2 people getting to know and appreciate each other better. It was unfortunate how Tate’s family reacted.That made me sad and i was glad when Logan let his guard down to comfort him when he needed him.

With Diana his ex-wife, I believe the least said about that creature,the better. I don’t think Ive ever felt such malicious intent towards a book character than I have towards her. At a point i had to stop and rant to myself as to how a person can be so callous , vile , bitchy, vindictive, cruel..*insert any and all other negative adjectives here please*. And this was after SHE cheated on Tate. I mean what in the Hell was that about? In the words of Logan…”Motherfucker”.

Cant wait to jump on the next book to see what happens with that bastard that likes to stir shit up.

Bring on TRUST!!

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