REVIEW: Pounding Skin(Skin Deep Inc. #2) by L.A. Witt

Pounding Skin (Skin Deep Inc., #2)3.5 Stars Rounded up because this was steamy!!

Book 2 in the Skin Deep Inc. series, this can be read as a standalone without feeling lost. The premise of this series is to pair up sexy tattoo artists and sexy navy officers.Based on that premise, this book hit it out of the park!

Matt and Jon had some very great chemistry even from the start. Like any couple , and especially in this case where Matt wasn’t even sure he was bisexual, the beginning was a lot rocky. When they settled into the groove though, my Kindle nearly couldn’t handle the heat from these two!

The main point of conflict was Jon’s aversion to relationships and after what happened to his nearest and dearest, he flipped. I understood his actions even though I didn’t agree with it. His realization of how important Matt was to him brings me to the only niggle I had with this. It was too abruptly sorted out.For someone who was so anti-relationships, I felt he could’ve struggled with the turn around more. With that said, I loved the way it ended.

The next book is about Nate and Lucas who have both had their fair share of heartbreaks. I’m definitely anticipating how they are both going to embrace love once again.

***eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher In Exchange For A Fair, Honest and Unbiased Review ***

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REVIEW: Coach’s Challenge [Scoring Chances #5] by Avon Gale

Coach's Challenge (Scoring Chances #5)These two men were crazy. Lol!

They were crazy funny, crazy horny(couldn’t keep it in their pants) and most importantly, crazy about each other.

This was the funniest book in the series so far with the banter being at a 100% from beginning to end. I loved every single thing about it. Troy was refreshingly focused, intense and unafraid to speak his mind and Shane gave as good as he got;both literally and figuratively if you catch my drift.*cough cough*

Theirs was a relationship unlike any other. I mean one got worried when the other wouldn’t give a scathing enough response in their never-ending war of words so you can imagine. It was a joy to read about and to witness how they transitioned from the physical to the emotional aspect of their relationship. Though if you ask me, it wouldn’t have hurt for more emotions but that’s just me being me.

The only reason it got a 4-star rating was because I could see (view spoiler) coming from a mile away. Unfortunately that wasn’t really original but it also didn’t really take away much from the book.

I do hope Xavier’s book is next and though River has a man now I am totally shipping both of them to end up together. It would also be a nice F*#k you to Xavier’s hypocritical family!

Pleeeaaasee make it happen Avon!!!

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REVIEW: Empty Net [Scoring Chances #4] by Avon Gale

Empty Net (Scoring Chances Book 4)Re-read 29-June-2017

What was I thinking giving this 3.5 Stars?! This is definitely a 4+ stars book[ Rounded up because I STILL love all things Isaac Drake!]. Damn my moods and what they bring to me appreciating books!

I absolutely loved it more the second time round!

I did say review to come after my first read and it never did so here goes nothing:

What Laurent went through at the hand of his truly despicable father was horrible. It’s no wonder that Laurent turned out the way he did. Case in point, how can anyone make their son stand in front of a mirror and make him call himself worthless for an hour? How?

I wanted to strangle that excuse of a human being with my bare hands. I really did. Laurent was saddled with self-hatred so strong that it’s a wonder he lasted as long as he did before meeting Isaac Drake.

He was an angel. He wasn’t perfect in the least but not everyone would’ve put their own hurt aside and looked beneath the sneering exterior that Laurent had to see the wounded and hurting person lurking there, but Drake did. He did and gradually pulled him out and made him a better person for it.

It wasn’t an easy road but that’s what made for a great book, Avon Gale showed the realistic way that could occur and showed that sometimes you don’t get 100% cured of emotional & physical abuse just because you now have someone to love and appreciate you and not hit you anymore. It takes time, effort and lots and lots of patience.

Annnnd Thats that!! Of to the next one!


3.5 stars!! [rounded up because of my love of all things Isaac Drake!]

I enjoyed this book immensely! Review to come!! πŸ™‚

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REVIEW: Power Play [Scoring Chances #3] by Avon Gale

Power Play (Scoring Chances #3)Re-read 29-June-2017

4.5 Stars! (previously 4/5 stars)
Bumping this up because I somehow managed to forget how much I loved both of these men!

This is definitely my favourite in the series so far…and what an exciting one its turning out to be!!

There was more humor and a smidge more heat in this one[trust me I was more than glad for it, though more still won’t hurt Avon Gale!! ;)].

Max was so so funny ,positive and was just an all-round ray of sunshine. He counter-balanced the stoic and moody Misha perfectly. There was like 30 seconds of angst in this one (if I can even call it that since it was over by the end of the next paragraph).

Power Play was also more multidimensional than the first 2 books in the series because other stuff were happening aside the relationship between the 2 MCs and this contributed to making the story richer in my opinion. Also I believe the MCs, especially Misha, were better written in this one.

I read an excerpt from the next book in the series and OMG. it features a character I found so abhorrent in this book (view spoiler) that I’m chomping at the bit as to how the author will manage to turn him into a tolerable person, not to mention someone you’ll end up rooting for in the end… I.CAN. NOT. WAIT. *jumps up and down in glee*

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REVIEW: Save of the Game [Scoring Chances #2] by Avon Gale

Save of the Game (Scoring Chances #2)Re-read 28-June 2017

Enjoyed this as much as the first read!

3.5 /5 Stars!

This book was much better than the first one for me.

Ethan and Riley were funny together (especially in the beginning of their relationship when they were so clueless )

From meeting him in book 1, I expected Riley to be a stoner/ a boring guy from how he was portrayed but he turned out to be very driven. Ethan , the team enforcer and troublemaker turned out to be a social crusader/tough guy with a heart of Gold. Loved them!

Of course, both guys weren’t perfect [not with Ethan and his daddy issues and Riley and his money/family issues ] but they figured out to handle these issues and stay together. Yup, this one was another angst-less read. I’m really getting a knack for those. πŸ˜‰

Although this was also another low steam book,the sex scenes were very well written. In my opinion, more explicit scenes would’ve been more than welcome and would’ve worked especially well with this kinky couple. I mean, who doesn’t like a little smut once in a while? Come on!

I will be picking up the 3rd book in the series and hopefully that one will have more steam….*fingers crossed*

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REVIEW: Breakaway [Scoring Chances #1] by Avon Gale

Breakaway (Scoring Chances, #1)

3.5 Stars for this re-read! 27-June-2017

Loved it! I almost forgot how RIDICULOUS Lane could be. Lol! On to the next!

I’ll admit that I only read this book because I mistakenly 1-clicked it when I was looking for another book in the Kindle book store(don’t ask me how… Im still wondering how it ) *face palm*

So! Moving forward! I said to myself “It’s already here, let’s just read it !” And I’m glad I did…

It was an uncomplicated story about growth, letting go of the past and self-discovery. It was a bit low on the steam side but in my opinion more than made up for it content-wise. The book had absolutely no angst as well which I thought was refreshing ( it wouldn’t have worked well in the story in my opinion anyway so I was glad it had none)

I really enjoyed reading about the connection between Lane and Jared.Jared was your all round nice guy with some issues in his past and Lane was…. Lane. I think he is one of the most socially awkward, no-filter-having & exasperating characters I’ve ever read about. Half of the things that came out of his mouth made me cringe but I found his utterances and antics to be endearing because it all came from a good and mostly oblivious heart & were totally without any malice…

The secondary characters were okay I think. I would’ve honestly loved a bit more depth to them. There was some measure of humor in there , mostly from Lane’s antics and Jared’s responses to them… I liked those scenes.

This was all in all a good read for me and I will definitely be (deliberately) checking out the next book in the series because I’m curious about how Ethan and Riley will hook up…

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REVIEW: Oversight [The Community #2] by Santino Hassell

Oversight (The Community, #2)Woah! This was gooooooood!

It was much more exciting than Insight and I gobbled all it right up!

Like in the previous book, this is part of a trilogy so a lot of things are still up in the air but with the budding relationship between Holden & Sixtus , things were more or less settled/ rounded up.

My only wish was that the story focused a bit more on their relationship and the crazy chemistry that they so obviously had in addition to the crazy reveals, trying to find purchase & surviving all the madness that was going on. But, I think that’s just me being an insatiable bibliophile who refuses to let go when she gets a good book rather than anything actually being wrong with the book. πŸ™‚

FINALLY, Chase is getting his book next and I think from the blurb it might be a dual POV with Elijah? I really don’t know but also… don’t care!


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REVIEW: On Point [Out of Uniform #3] by Annabeth Albert

On Point (Out of Uniform #3) 3.75 Stars!

Welcome to the Ben and Maddox Show: where Ben almost let his abandonment issues and a whole lot of irrational fear let him almost lose the best damn thing to happen in his cynical, grumpy-ass life!

No for real though, Ben’s stubborn attitude made my head ache. Fortunately, he got his ass in gear. Maddox was a great guy and someone I actually related to very closely despite me being neither a SEAL or a badass marksman. Shocking right? lol

As an aside: I think my dearie Fabi’s assertion is true that this author always has one MC you like and another that you more or less want to throttle (at least that has been the case for this particular series). Here is to wishing that changes in the next book!

Regardless of that,I enjoyed this immensely and I think Dustin’s book is next? Should be another good one.

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REVIEW: At Attention [Out of Uniform #2] by Annabeth Albert

At Attention (Out of Uniform, #2)This would’ve gotten one more star If only Appollo had gotten his act together earlier.

Instead, he vacillated between hot and cold so many times that I truly believe that Dylan needed to be called “Saint Dylan” for sticking around as long as he did. Lord knows my well of patience is shallow.

So Yeah. Appollo’s attitude and his repetitive blaming of his “grief” for that shitty behavior is actually my only niggle about this book. Everything else was good.

I do hope that Ben and Maddox’s book(the next book) goes well. I’m placing a lot of high expectations on them. πŸ™‚

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REVIEW: Off Base[Out of Uniform #1] by Annabeth Albert

Off Base (Out of Uniform, #1)Welcome to the Zac and Pike show everybody!

Highlights of this show include a bucket full of angsty angst, a very well done journey of self-discovery, some hot as hell sexy times and a whole lot of luurrrvveeee. *happy sigh*

The story was just great for my current headspace and I found myself enjoying it immensely. Aside from I think 2/3 typos, the writing was flawless & flowed seamlessly, the secondary characters were on point and the pacing was appropriately executed.

Without much ado , I’m off to book 2!

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