REVIEW: An Unnatural Vice by K.J. Charles

An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities, #2)This was awesome .

It began sometime around the middle part of Book 1: An Unseen Attraction , sort of run concurrently with it for a while, then continued after it ended. Nat was introduced in An Unseen Attraction and we got to know Justin in this one.

On the surface , Justin was a brilliant , unrepentant swindler who was callous to boot. He pretty much hated the world and felt no remorse for any of his actions. He was also very prickly and quite frankly a bit broken but the thing I liked most was the fact that he didn’t miraculously change his whole attitude overnight for love when it found him.

This was because he had very valid reasons for turning out the way he did and as such, the internal struggle he experienced was very real . He went though a lot before accepting the fact that he didn’t need to be alone all the time and truly did not need to hate the world.

Initially, Nat was judgy and self righteous as hell. This I think happened because he hadn’t been exposed to life’s harshness and Justin posed a challenge to everything he stood for. Justin was the “darkness” to his “light” as he saw it and Nat made it a point to try and fix all the “darkness ” in the world around him. What he rather ended up doing was falling for the man behind the callous fraudster facade.

These two DETESTED one another on sight and on sheer principle. However, it was also very clear that despite all hate, they wanted each other intensely . This made for a veeeeeery nicely done first time together in the sheets (view spoiler)

Intrigue , mystery and machinations from the previous book bled into this one and made for a very exciting read. Needless to say, one would be well advised to have read An Unseen Attraction before this as the reveals hit you harder if you start from the beginning .

I cant go on without mentioning that I thoroughly enjoyed the spiritualist angle in the first part of the story and could tell that the author had done very extensive research on the spiritualists movements during that time period. It’s one thing I adore about K.J. Charles and what keeps her among my favourites; you see the fruits of the work she puts into her books AND she always gets the writing down pat. It was wonderful as always.

Overall, the story centering around the MCs had a nice good ending (just like in An Unseen Attraction ]), but the overarching murder- mystery-inheritance plot for the series was left purposely hanging to be finished in the final book in the Trilogy: An Unsuitable Heir which is Mark’s book. I am sooooo excited for it!

Trust me, if you read how the setup for Mark’s book was done & how the other MC[i don’t want to spoil it] was introduced, you would GET why I’m this hyped!

O My fair October(release month)! How far away thou Art! I needeth you NOW!

*eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher For A Truthful, Fair and Unbiased Review *


Review to come on release day!!

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REVIEW: Mature Content[CyberLove #4] by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

Mature Content (Cyberlove, #4)This is a series I am emotionally invested in.

Book 1:Strong Signal rocked my socks off! It was one of my first MM books and is still one of my all time fave MM books.

Book 2: Fast Connection comes a close second (Dominic Costigan is my baby.Luke pissed me off on my first read but I like him now after a re-read so all is well lol).

Although I really liked reading Book 3: Hard Wired, there was something was just…off about it(I still can’t bring myself to write a review about it).I liked Jesse and Ian but my feelings are all over the place concerning that one.

With this book, though the sexy times COMPLETELY did it for me and I THOUROUGHLY enjoyed the story, it didn’t pull me in like my series favourites and frankly left me wanting more. What for? I don’t know, but I definitely felt like something was missing.

Would I continue with the series if other books came out? Absolutely. There are more characters that I feel the authors could definitely write about(Lush intrigues me the most). But I hope they go more like the first 2 books in the series(which were awesome) and less like these last 2 books(which were just good but lacked something).

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REVIEW: Fantastic Creatures by H.L. Burke

Fantastic Creatures (Fellowship of Fantasy Book 1)I loved this collection of very short stories all surrounding one creature/world or another.

Some stories were funny, some had romance sprinkled in, others a bit sad, others made me a bit mad while others also were just okay.

As a book overall, they were mostly very properly written with one or two minor exceptions.It takes the reader to a different world with every story and that is what I loved about it.

It IS PG-13 so if you are in the mood for pure adventure/fantasy without any sexy times, go for it. It’s worth it if you ask me.

*** eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher For An Honest, Unbiased Review ***

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REVIEW: Eternity In An Hour by Matthew Merendo

Eternity in an Hour (Eternity #1)One thing this book had going for it was world building.

Matthew Morendo’s take on magic or in this case “quell” was fascinating to read about. We got insights into the various islands in Coquells and the distinct quells they represented or that manifested strongly on them[be it earth, air, fire, etc.]. The descriptions were intriguing and I found myself wanting the story to keep moving though the various islands so that I could read more about the wonders to be found on them. I really enjoyed this aspect.

Unfortunately, that was one of the few things that what worked for me here. The main characters were a bit one dimensional and in the case of Rami down right unlikable. I didn’t see what Tristys saw in him besides his rocking body and good looks. Rami was childish, rude, aloof, indecisive and hurtful especially when things weren’t going his way. His attitude for most of the book was terrible and annoying to read about. I wanted someone to smack some sense into him.

Tristys was okay. I didn’t mind reading about him but I didn’t really connect with him either. He was confusing. One moment he was reasonable, the next he was reckless, other times he was untruthful and the shifts went on and on and on. I just didn’t get him sadly.

Now the secondary characters I really enjoyed. I liked Calyssa although she did a 180 in attitude towards the end and another 180 to get back to the attitude I enjoyed in her. Salice, Gawen and even Terrian were vastly more interesting to read about than our MCs and think I that’s pretty telling.

Moving on, things were going as expected when an event threw a wretch into things. Many things confused me at that point and frankly didn’t add up. The most glaring was that (view spoiler)

After that, the story left the fairly enjoyable to the downright unbelievable. I didn’t understand half of the motives behind their actions from that point and why they were all ignoring Calyssa who was the sensible one.

In the end , as expected, they were successful but the path to that success belied most of the parameters for quell-work or magic that had been set through the book.

I think this might be the first book in a series but given the way things went in this one, I might hesitate to pick the next one up. However, if the next book is to be about anyone but these two MCs, I just MIGHT be tempted to read it. Might.

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REVIEW: Threshold [Whyborne & Griffin #2] by Jordan L. Hawk

Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin, #2)Another great installment to the series.

I loved Ival, Griffin and how naturally their relationship is progressing. Christine was badass as usual and unapologetic about it.

The case was as creepy as it was gory *shudders* but written excellently.

I’m definitely picking the next book.

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REVIEW: Widdershins [Whyborne & Griffin #1] by Jordan L. Hawk

Widdershins (Whyborne & Griffin, #1)A friend on Tumblr who is CRAZY about this series recommended this to me . I decided to give it a try although it’s outside the realm of what I usually go for. It didn’t disappoint.

This book just WORKED for me. It began a bit slow but when it picked up, I loved the pacing. The characters were great and the writing was on point. I’d previously read J.L. Hawk’s Hainted which I liked so I knew this wouldn’t be bad in that sense going in. It didn’t have plenty steam but what it had was very well written.

I think there are 8 more books in the series so far. Yes I know that’s A LOT but if this book is to be any indication of things to come, I’m going to enjoy them all.

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REVIEW: Zero At The Bone by Jane Seville

Zero at the Bone (Zero at the Bone, #1)Where do I even begin with this review? To say that I absolutely LOVED this book would be an understatement.

Going in,from the blurb, I knew it was action packed but aside that ,I went in blind and Im glad I did.

It really takes a deep look into the relationship between the 2 main characters. The relationship wasn’t thrust into your face with all the “he was he most beautiful/sexiest man I’d ever seen in my life” story lines you read about. It grows steadily and the author eases you into it and gets you to root for the MCs because you know that they deserve each other.

It was intense, funny , action packed, emotional,heart stopping and so so so unpredictable. D is a hard ass and Jack is an all-round good guy(though prone to “hissy fits” ;though given his circumstances its 100% expected) but they work so well together.

I don’t think I have read of a character so bad at outwardly expressing his feelings like D… It was so bad that it was totally endearing …

One of my favourite quotes:

“…Saw you out there in the garden. Looked so damn…fine,” he said quietly. “Was like I had have ya,right then. Bubbled up like…I dunno puke or somethin’.”

Jack chuckled,”You sure have a way with words, D…”

I swear I laughed so hard at that exchange

Internally however, D was just heart-stoppingly(is that a word? well now it is..) profound… An example is this gem of an internal monologue below:

“Jus hold me a little longer, Jack. Tell me again that ya wanna be with me,fer real, cross yer heart ‘n’ let me know you ain’t fooling’,cause I dunno how or when it happen but somehow I come to need ya like air, like blood. Touch me again like ya do with them gentle hands make me feel like somethin’ precious. Say it gain that ya love me, cause hearing’ that was like openin’ up some big bottomless well that ran dry years back and it cain’t never be full enough now, I can’t never hear it enough,but once more, one more time and maybe I’ll believe it a little more, and then a little more the next time, till someday I believe it fer true enough ta be able to say it back ta you like y’oughta hear it said cause God knows I love you more’n my own life, more’n anythin’ in this world, but it cain’t get outta me yet cause I still ain’t the man I need ta be, the man who’s gonna stand before you and declare.”

Can somebody grab me some tissues? that got me tearing up…*sniff sniff*

Also, some of the curves Jane Seville threw into this truly outstanding book just made me scream out loud at times(literally).In the end, its not about two men who fell in love but about two individuals who love each other deeply finding their way back into each others arms.

It is definitely a re-read for me.

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REVIEW: Concourse by Santino Hassell

Concourse (Five Boroughs, #5)I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed this.

Mr. Hassell has the ability to reach into your heart, grab it and squeeze it for all it’s worth and that is exactly what he did here.

Ashton was an interesting character. He was a conflicted, messy & deeply flawed human being. It’s a wonder how he still managed to be a sweetheart ; especially to those he cared for.

He allowed himself to be continuously taken advantage of by everyone;family included, all in the hopes of acceptance and love. At a point my chest was literally aching for Ashton and what he was going through(especially with Val’s dumbass hot and cold routine). I definitely didn’t agree with all his actions/decisions but I understood where he was coming from when he made them.

Now to the man called Val. Sigh.

Based on reviews, I expected to absolutely hate Val but surprisingly… I did not. Granted, he frustrated me to no end and I wanted to wring his neck on more occasions that I could count, but it was obvious that he loved Ashton.

For the first part of the book, he went about trying to hide this love in the worst possible ways in the history of worst possible ways. Evasion, ignoring, denial & rejection were the order of the messed up day when it came to Val. This made for a whole lot of drama which could’ve been avoided if he’d just opened his mouth to say what was glaringly obvious .Eventually though, he got his sh*t together.

(view spoiler)

One thing that also annoyed me but I totally get now is why he didn’t just tell Ashton about the secret he was holding on to. I kept on berating him in my head to just do it but in hindsight, though he shouldn’t have waited that long to do so, I got why in his warped sense of preserving what they had, he kept so long. (hide spoiler)]

Moving on, I was glad when Ashton finally grew a pair and started doing his own thing. I just wish he had done so earlier and I also wish that there was more page time showing him kicking ass on his own two feet.

I don’t think I have to say anything about the writing, pacing and the like because this was a Santino Hassell after all so you KNOW those were fully covered. It also mentioned that this is the longest so far in the series? Huh. I did NOT notice because the pages just flew by for me.

Charles’ book is next and I wonder who he’ll be paired with since his on-and-off boyfriend is a serious douchecanoe. I’m thinking Luis maybe? Lol…that would be interesting . ❤️

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REVIEW: With or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg

With or Without HimI really enjoyed this.

Of course the copious amounts of hot sexy times didn’t hurt in forming that opinion. **wink wink**

It was insta-lust for both MCs but that happens in real life so I don’t have as much of a problem with it as I do with insta-love.I must say that that the “love” did come at the speed of light though. With the amount of secrets that these men kept from each other, the “love” was a bit abrupt. I got that they cared for each other and went through a lot also for the other but for it to be called “love”? Didn’t buy it.

I enjoyed the writing,the pacing, and the interaction among the characters. I simply adored Harris’ butler/cook/chauffeur Wilson and his garrulous nature. I laughed whenever he appeared.

I’m really glad I re-read this. 😁

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