Cover Up (Skin Deep Inc., #3)3.5 Stars!

I just love this series. The books always leave me with a smile on my face. πŸ™‚

Whenever I see another ARC from this series pop up in my inbox, I just squeal for joy(yes literally) because it’s always like a great unexpected gift you know? ^_^

Now to this book! The thing I loved most was the the seamless way the relationship between Nate and Lucas progressed from just physical fulfillment to emotional. It felt very real .

The other thing I loved was the sexy smexy times! The chemistry between these two was off the chain hotness! Add in the fact that they are both versatile in bed and my mind was blown again and again throughout the story. *fans self furiously *

This was fairly low angst with the only drama centering around Nate’s ex-husband. Though I thought the story could’ve done without it, I felt Lucas’s points were valid and the way he handled the situation was very mature. I’m also glad that Nate didn’t fall on his pride as a buffer but worked on himself. It also spoke to the strength of his character in my opinion.

Writing-wise, everything was peachy as usual. We also got some updates on the two previous couples from the first two books which I really loved.

I couldn’t tell if this was the final book in the series (though I really hope not) , but if there are any more books in the pipeline, you can bet I’ll be first in line to get them!

My rating: 4 of 5 Stars

***eARC Graciously Provided By Publisher In Exchange For An Honest, Unbiased, Review ***

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REVIEW: Murmuration by T.J. Klune

MurmurationOkay , this book needed about 30 more minutes added (audiobook here) . That ending didn’t satisfy me at alllll…. I wanted more! Side note: Kurt Graves’ narration was excellent. He made the story come to life for me.

The story was intricate, suspenseful and definitely unpredictable. I must admit that suspenseful stories are usually not my cup of tea because I have next to zero patience: when I want an answer to something , I want it now!!! This made it a bit difficult for me in the first part of the story but then I kept getting more and more invested in the story and promptly forgot about my impatience.

I know I’ve not said much about the book and I really can’t but know this: It was worth the read for me.

I hope it does same for you should you chose to pick it up! πŸ™‚

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: How To Save A Life by Eli Easton [Howl At The Moon #4]

How to Save a Life (Howl at the Moon, #4)I truly love this series.

Its full of warmth, humour, heart and all the good feels you can think of.

I loved Sammy and Rav together. I liked how patient Rav was with Sammy and his issues. Also, Rav proved the saying true of “never to judge a book by its cover”. He had such a depth and background that you’d NEVER guess looking at his outside appearance.

Lily was her usual nosy as hell self and Lance as distrustful as ever. Milo especially made me laugh and in fact what made me happy was just reading about all the towns people and their antics.

I must admit that the solution to the town’s problems seemed a bit far fetched to me and almost miraculous but I decided to suspend belief on that one since it made me feel soooo good inside!

I think this book series has probably made me into a dog-lover and I am totally glad for it! Who says books can’t change lives? πŸ˜€

P.S: Anyone know if there’d be more books coming out? Thanks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: How To Wish Upon A Star by Eli Easton [Howl At The Moon #3]

How to Wish Upon a Star (Howl at the Moon, #3)Re-read 09-Sept-2017
One more star added!!

I Liked this much much better this second time round.Yes , Jason was still egotistical and annoying for most of the book but I warmed up to him better somehow.

Milo of course was a sweetheart and super adorable. πŸ˜€



Well then… I really expected this to be on the level of Book 2 or at least Book 1, but sadly it wasn’t…

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good book and the story line was as solid as ever.

However, though Milo was adorable and cutesy, I failed to connect with Jason [I had to check for his name right now even] on any level. He put me off for most of the book with his attitude and only came to terms with it when the situation was dire…Sigh.

As I said earlier, the story was solid, had a lot of dynamics in it and the appearance of a certain somebody in town [in the epilogue] promises more exciting & possibly dangerous times for Mad Creek.

I’ll definitely be grabbing the next book when it comes out!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: How To Walk Like A Man by Eli Easton [Howl At The Moon #2]

How to Walk Like a Man (Howl At The Moon #2)Re-read 08-Sept-2017

This was funnier than I remembered and just as awesome!

Loved it all over again!! πŸ˜€



Brilliant! I absolutely loved Roman and Matt’s story!

I would’ve finished this in one sitting if work hadn’t come in the way.Don’t you just hate it when that happens? UGH!

But… I digress…

This was a story about how Roman ended up in Mad Creek after being in the military, learning to modify his actions to live as a human man and just generally figuring out what being a human entails.
Also, its about Matt and his family issues and things he had to confront and deal with head on. Throw in the escalating situation with the druggies and this made for an engaging read.

There wasn’t much in the story about them as a “couple couple”; aside the sexy times that were mid-level hot & made me laugh out[Roman’s inner monologue was so funny!] .However,with what was a very close friendship, I know they’ll be more than fine.

Let’s be perfectly frank, even with Matt in the picture, I think we all can agree [if you’ve read it/when you read it] that Roman was the main man of this book and I couldn’t be happier about that fact! πŸ™‚

I believe this book might have managed to make a dog-lover out of me! Kudos Eli Easton! You’ve done the seemingly impossible!Lol..

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: How To Howl At The Moon by Eli Easton [Howl At The Moon #1]

How to Howl at the Moon (Howl At The Moon #1) Re-read 07-Sept-2017

Loved it just as much on the 2nd read!!



This was the first book by Eli Easton I’ve read and it will most certainly not be the last.

What I loved? EVERYTHING!

What I disliked? NOTHING!

I think besides the wonderful MCs, Lily deserves a special mention because what in the hell was she thinking?!LOL! I just loved her! So exasperating endearingly interfering..

I had the biggest grin on my face at the end of this book because it was so damn good!

Finally, in the “words” of my beloved crazy-ass and delightfully unique residents of Mad Creek, AR ARR ARRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: Wild by Adrienne Wilder

WILDWell this was a let down.

Coming off the high of my last Adrienne Wilder book, In The Absence Of Light, I expected this to be much better or at least just as good as that.

My MAJOR problem with this book: it spent TOO much time on the day to day living of August and Keegan in the wilderness . Yes I know the blurb says as much and YES I know the book title is WILD but I expected SOMETHING ELSE to happen other than what was initially alluded to in the first 4 chapters or so(i.e. hunting, skinning, weather patterns, tending to August’s busted leg, August’s whining, Keegan apologizing for absolutely nothing aaaaaand rinse and repeat all throughout most of the book)

This made reading tedious and frankly very very boring.With much not happening, it got to a point that I even started skipping the sexy times. Yes, that bad.

Also,to make matters worse for me, I didn’t much connect to any of the MCs on any level. They annoyed me at several different times during the book . Sometimes , I could care less what happened to August in particular. He was selfish & kept making silly decisions which nearly got both of them killed and instead of Keegan to talk some sense into him, he just absorbed it and carried on. Sigh.

Speaking of this “love” between them, I didn’t buy it for one second. Nope.

Why then did I give it 2.5-stars instead of a zero or 1-star you may ask? Weeeeeell, the writing was good. It had a kickass, cruel and ruthless villain which breathed a bit of life into the story. The first 10%-15% were good and the last 5%-10% also were also good. I need to give credit where its due so it gets the 2.5-stars. πŸ˜€

Hopefully, Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the next Adrienne Wilder would be better because this just didn’t do the job. *shrugs*
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: Promises: Part 3 by A.E. Via

Promises: Part 3 (Bounty Hunters, #3)This was much better than the previous book.

It had less cheesiness and was more straightforward though the romance could have had more on-page time. The story read as a bit choppy in some of pages but fortunately didn’t detract from the overall feel of it.

The brightest spots in this whole book were with Brain , Sway and their palpable connection . Their book promises to be a good one and there’s no one I’ll be missing it! πŸ˜€

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell [The Barons #1]

Illegal Contact (The Barons, #1)Well, If you read my updates, you’ll realize that Noah wasn’t my favourite person in the first half of the book. He was snarky, rude and just rubbed me the wrong way. Especially for a person who supposedly needed all the help he could get. I thought he could stand to be less of an a-hole .

This changed as the story went on and I warmed up to him bit by bit. Especially as I saw the way he cared and stood up for Gavin in everything he did despite Gavin being admittedly more than a little difficult to live with.

As for the rest of the story, it went pretty well. I loved the secondary characters especially Marcus and Simeon. Both were funny as hell and their references to RomComs never ceased to crack me up.

It ended with the MCs together but with a sort of HFN since after the events of the last chapter, we didn’t get to know the outcome there. I’m sure there’ll definitely be more info on that in Simeon’s book (next book) which promises to be much better that this. Who doesn’t love a good enemies to friends story? I DO!! πŸ˜€
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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REVIEW: Roughing The Passer by Alison Hendricks

Roughing the PasserAlison Hendricks’ books always leave me with a smile on my face. This one wasn’t any different . πŸ™‚

I loved both Diego’s endearing prickliness and Garrett’s optimism. I loved them together and rooted for them till the end.

The writing was good as usual, side-characters interesting and all in all a great solid read.

I need more books Alison!! Give them to meeee!!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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